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Ok, I shall sound a little obsessed now, but whilst flicking through the Book Club’s website I was intrigued to check out the designers of the site who have kept it simple with a layout using the trusty ‘type writer’ font (can it ever not look good?) and lots of dotted lines. Following the link I am taken to Telegramme, where a sea of quirky, cute illustrations and patterns remind me that I’ve actually seen a lot of their work before. Their client list is pretty impressive. They count Habitat, Arctic Monkeys, Nokia, MTV, The Legion, Something from Nothing, The Observer, Queen of Hoxton, The Financial Times and many others as very happy customers!

The two boys behind Telegramme are friends, Christopher and Robert. Beginning their partnership whilst one was in Cornwall and the other in Bristol, the pair now operate from a studio in Dalston offering interactive, illustration and editorial design as well as a bespoke screen printing service. Self-confessed computer geeks who obsess over music, drink too much tea, are ½ dyslexic and collect stamps (all their own words), these boys sounds as adorably cute as their online photograph displaying them in matching name jumpers….

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Ashley Jordan Gordan @ The Book Club

Last friday we popped down to the aforementioned Ashley Jordan Gordan photography exhibition at The Book Club. Here are the visual highlights of the night:

Although nothing to do with the exhibition, in the adjoining room, this amazing live music display took place:

The book club living up to its name in the cosy underground, log-cabinesque back room, with Ashley Jordan Gordan’s pics upon the wooden walls:

Late into the night some deeeeee-jays came on to spin some tunes, including this amazing silver-haired fox:

All in all, a tremendous night.

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Ashley Jordan Gordon

Who: Ashley Jordan Gordon
Where: The Book Club
When: Friday 13th November
What: Photography and celebration party
Why: Because we love her, her work is beautiful, the venue is amazing and no one should stay in on a Friday night!

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The Book Club

the book club 028

I’ve always welcomed the idea of alcohol and cake in one establishment. Just off Great Eastern Street is the beautifully chilled out, open plan bar/ cafe/ meeting place/ table tennis venue called The Book Club, previously known as the Home Bar.The bare brick walls mixed with eclectic 50’s style furniture and chintz style curtains say New York style apartment mixed with a touch of East London eclecticism. Perfect for winding down, meeting friends or playing a game of ping pong in the back room.

the book club 017

Split over two floors the bottom has an impressive light bulb ceiling whilst the light and airy feel to the upstairs brings a welcome change for anyone tired of battling crowds at Broadway on a Saturday and shuffling along brick lane or Columbia Road on a Sunday!

the book club 027

With evening talks, storytelling, brunch, music, newspapers, film, fashion, dancing, art, poetry, wine, ping pong and cocktails, The Book Club is looking to become a new hotspot.

the book club 008

Hot Cocoa

the book club 029

Flowers on the wall as you enter…

the book club 035

Cloud of bulbs- the ceiling downstairs

the book club 031

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