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Horses with Hair Extensions.

Yes, you read that right, here is a delightful trio of pictures containing horses with hair extensions. Brilliant. (Caitlin, style envy for the horse on the left…?)

The horses are called (l-r) Florence, Misty and Harmony, and don’t they look beautiful. They weren’t styled like this for any particular reason apparently, someone just thought it would be funny. And they were right.

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Style Lovage

Anyone who was cool as a kid – LIKE ME, would tune in at 6 pm on Channel 4 for the weekly instalment of BLOSSOM. And her hot brother Joey. Not to mention her best friend Six. Thus creating the desire for a number name. I wanted Four. Jenny would take Nine. The wonder of Blossom didn’t just stop there – Oh no! It was the catalyst for my wardrobe choices, my career choices – just all choices in general.

Clearly Henry Holland felt the same.

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