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Dance Inspiration

She-Wolf, the new video by Shakira…..where to start with this new amazing piece of work ??! Well, probably with the ONE-LEGGED CUTOUT CATSUIT, first seen when she’s performing inside a giant-size replica of the human stomach but knowing that not much else is gonna compare to such a fashion statement, used shamelessly in a second scene, the obligatory dancing in a night club one.
She does manage to sneak in the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal gravity defying lean at one point too, although she is cracking out moves here that Jacko would never have dared to attempt. The video does have some Thriller undertones and does look like it’s supposed to be an 80’S homage video – but I have a sneaking suspicion it is nothing of the sort and in fact is just really rubbish but DEFINITELY crossing into the so-crap-its-brilliant category.

Anyway, all this is cut with the ‘sexy’ cage dancing scenes, where Shakira might well look like she’s naked but when you look like you’re possessed by a particularly rubbish stripper it goes from a titillating segment to pure comedy perfection.
And just when you thought this couldn’t get any better it cuts to her dancing in front of a picture – picture – of a New York skyline, displaying a dance routine we have not seen the likes of since you made up ones with your friends in the school playground.

She may use unorthodox moves but she sure is bendy. Basically, this is the best video that doesn’t feature my arm, that I’ve seen in a long time. IT’S COMEDY GENIUS.

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