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Ok, I shall sound a little obsessed now, but whilst flicking through the Book Club’s website I was intrigued to check out the designers of the site who have kept it simple with a layout using the trusty ‘type writer’ font (can it ever not look good?) and lots of dotted lines. Following the link I am taken to Telegramme, where a sea of quirky, cute illustrations and patterns remind me that I’ve actually seen a lot of their work before. Their client list is pretty impressive. They count Habitat, Arctic Monkeys, Nokia, MTV, The Legion, Something from Nothing, The Observer, Queen of Hoxton, The Financial Times and many others as very happy customers!

The two boys behind Telegramme are friends, Christopher and Robert. Beginning their partnership whilst one was in Cornwall and the other in Bristol, the pair now operate from a studio in Dalston offering interactive, illustration and editorial design as well as a bespoke screen printing service. Self-confessed computer geeks who obsess over music, drink too much tea, are ½ dyslexic and collect stamps (all their own words), these boys sounds as adorably cute as their online photograph displaying them in matching name jumpers….

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