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Roll Up, Roll Up…..It’s Britney, Bitch.

So she actually turned up. I’m quite impressed that Britney hasn’t yet cancelled a show on her Circus tour, given her tempestuous personal life of the last few years. And as far as a pop show went, it was slick, entertaining, had Perez Hilton introducing her and incorporated Marilyn Manson’s version of Sweet Dreams. The fact it was in the round so that everyone had equal viewing was a really nice touch. The circus theme worked brilliantly and Britney did everything she was supposed to. No more, no less.

That was the problem. I
know you don’t go to a Britney show for the live vocals but I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed, Hey London, how y’all doing?” was the only time her microphone was used. I guess knowing all we do about Britney’s problems, you are left wondering how much she is aware of what’s going on. Any sign there was life behind the costumes was all we wanted. Sadly, it never came. It was a bit like seeing a robot dance (a little bit) and strut around the stage (a lot.) It was Britney, or could have been a very good look-a-like, would have made no difference.

As she was in no fit state to tour with the brilliant Blackout album, this tour mainly focused on that, with some classic gems thrown in. Sadly, no Oops, I Did It Again, though. Overall, I don’t want to slag her, I love Britney and this tour proves that with her career at least, she’s back on track and this can only be a good thing.

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