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Yayoi Kusama – Acension of Polkadots on the Trees

If you pop down to the south bank at the moment you’ll be greeted by this wonderful sight. Looking like a scene from Alice’s Wonderland or maybe Teletubby land, these 25 polkadotted trees are, of course, works of art. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has been fascinated by dots since she was a child, she even hallucinates that her surroundings are covered in them, hence the trees.

This installation is part of the Hayward Gallery’s Walking In My Mind exhibition, which runs from 23 June – 6 September 2009. Ten artists, including Kusama have given us a glimpse into the workings of their mind. You can take a walk into Thomas Hirschhorn’s mind-cave constructed of masking tape, Chiharu Shiota‘s Japanese horror movie style webbed room or Pipilotti Rist‘s dark ‘sleeping room’ that had brainwashing elements about it…
It really is a fascinating exhibition, where all of the artworks are dramatically different and you’re actually given an insight into why an artist has created a piece of work rather than just being presented with it.

It’s well worth going to see and while you’re in the Hayward you can also visit Matthew Darbyshire‘s Funhouse, which features, among other things, this bull made from aluminum cans:

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