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Peter Andre – Behind Closed Doors

“Behind Closed Doors” – Peter Andre. Music Video directed by FauxTales (Stephen Lally & Simon Allen) from FauxTales on Vimeo.

Here it is!! The aforementioned Andre video directed by the super-talented FauxTales! Luckily my pic made the papers as it is in fact only my arm that makes its music video debut here. Roberto gets a full frontal though, amazing!

Taking it’s inspiration from 70’s fashion photography and 80’s Duran Duran style videos, not that I’m being biased, but this is a fantastic direction for newly single Andre to take his image. As for the video narrative, models who are perfect on the outside and evil on the inside….. hhhmmm, so what does go on BEHIND CLOSED DOORS?? You’re never gonna know.
Or probs just gonna have to wait for the magazine deal….

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Mysterious Girls….

Just being in the new Peter Andre music video ‘Behind Closed Doors‘ – above.

Taking a leaf out of Celine’s book, dressing up is fun and we did it to the max last week. We’re just casually hanging out backstage on the new Peter Andre music video – below. Yes, that is a trident. It’s not everyday you appear in The Sun and The Mail….

The Elizabethan ruff and tranny make-up may well become my new look.

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