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Rodarte’s SS10 Destruction

Primitive, tribal and masterfully destroyed. The models at Rodarte rose from a mist of acid green poisin, markings covering their limbs in an animlaistic tribal identity that sat somewhere between punk-like rebellion and primitive collectivism. A relfection on our current state of society? Perhaps, but deep thinking aside this shreded, painted, burnt and sandpapered collection was a textual feast that is possibly my favourite so far.

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Let the Fashion Commence

And we’re off! New York Fashion Week has begun. Credit crunch was obviously going to inspire some DIY ethos. Nice to see that some designers are attempting a more sophisticated and polished approach. Already liking Vena Cava’s punk twist with large safety pins, espech cute sheer cropped shirt attached to trousers via delicate looking pins. Tummy out again, looks like the cropped top trend may continue for next summer…

Also loving the deeper lilac lippy used on the Vena Cava girls. A lot more wearable than this season’s sugary, pastel shades.

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