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Ashley Jordan Gordan @ The Book Club

Last friday we popped down to the aforementioned Ashley Jordan Gordan photography exhibition at The Book Club. Here are the visual highlights of the night:

Although nothing to do with the exhibition, in the adjoining room, this amazing live music display took place:

The book club living up to its name in the cosy underground, log-cabinesque back room, with Ashley Jordan Gordan’s pics upon the wooden walls:

Late into the night some deeeeee-jays came on to spin some tunes, including this amazing silver-haired fox:

All in all, a tremendous night.

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Pop-Up Jack White

Someone has an clever PR, don’t they Jack White? This Friday and Saturday, Jack White is hopping onto the pop-up shop trend and having his very own one in Shoreditch Church. He has not turned his hand to clothes design though, the shop will essentially be a big merchandising hold for his plethora of bands. It’s going to be in London on 30th (open 11am – 6pm) and 31st (open 11am – 9pm) October and Jack himself will be in town as the most recent of his bands The Dead Weather will be playing gigs at The Forum, Kentish Town and the Brixton Academy. The pop-up shop has previously been in LA and New York, where Jack popped in for an in-shop gig. Let’s hope he does the same in London.

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Celine Dion Loves Dressing Up

This is wrong on too many levels…..
Who’s Bad Celine? Errmmm…… We’ll keep it rhetorical. I think it’s for the best…
Not content with doing a freaky Michael Jackson impression. Celine has also tackled a Madonna impression in her time:
Tres random.

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My Childhood Went Like THIS

At 0.05 – that was me rockin’ around the corner. HELL YEAH.

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Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

This is for you Robert…
It has been a while since an artist has embraced the music video and exploited it to its full mini-movie potential. For that reason – and the brilliant styling – I love this.

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Pretty Green by Liam Gallagher

This new venture of Liam Gallagher’s puzzles me. Liam Gallagher used to be the swaggering, swearing, leering, lead singer in a cool rock band, he was the embodiment of working class rebellion. These days he is more likely to be seen pottering around the Ideal Home Show. It’s an unusual transformation and perhaps proves that everyone does eventually grow up.
I never realised that he had a secret desire to become some sort of fashion designer (I use the term loosely) but this is what’s happened. Pretty Green is his fashion line and the online shop launches today. A glance through it suggests he’s not exactly breaking out of the comfort zone. The polo shirts, jackets, scarves and hats ALL come in black, white, blue and green and are embellished with the ‘Pretty Green’ Beatles-esque looking logo.

Liam says, “Clothes and music are my passion. I’m not here to rip anyone off and I’m not doing it for the money either. I’m doing it cuz there’s a lack of stuff out there of the things I would wear.

Really Liam, you feel there’s a lack of t-shirts and jumpers out there? Maybe you should pop to Uniqlo. Still, I’m sure Oasis fans will love it, even if it is a strange career move.

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Roll Up, Roll Up…..It’s Britney, Bitch.

So she actually turned up. I’m quite impressed that Britney hasn’t yet cancelled a show on her Circus tour, given her tempestuous personal life of the last few years. And as far as a pop show went, it was slick, entertaining, had Perez Hilton introducing her and incorporated Marilyn Manson’s version of Sweet Dreams. The fact it was in the round so that everyone had equal viewing was a really nice touch. The circus theme worked brilliantly and Britney did everything she was supposed to. No more, no less.

That was the problem. I
know you don’t go to a Britney show for the live vocals but I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed, Hey London, how y’all doing?” was the only time her microphone was used. I guess knowing all we do about Britney’s problems, you are left wondering how much she is aware of what’s going on. Any sign there was life behind the costumes was all we wanted. Sadly, it never came. It was a bit like seeing a robot dance (a little bit) and strut around the stage (a lot.) It was Britney, or could have been a very good look-a-like, would have made no difference.

As she was in no fit state to tour with the brilliant Blackout album, this tour mainly focused on that, with some classic gems thrown in. Sadly, no Oops, I Did It Again, though. Overall, I don’t want to slag her, I love Britney and this tour proves that with her career at least, she’s back on track and this can only be a good thing.

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Just hanging out with the Queen’s marching band…

While dining al-fresco (eating a sandwich on the grass) by Buckingham Palace, the above took place. Look how many! I estimated about 120 people – in a marching band! That’s co-ordination. Not to mention the duel talent of the guys on horseback whilst carrying a tune and a trombone. The tunes included Eleanor Rigby, the theme tune from Dr. Who and a song from the criminally underrated film ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Gabriel Byrne. It was a very pleasant lunch.

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I see what you’re trying to do….

Despite the recent backlash, I still very much enjoy Lady Gaga. However, I’m not sure about this Rolling Stone magazine cover:

Lady Gaga is only in her twenties but looks way, way, way older in this shot and is it just me or does she bare a striking resemblance to Bette Midler in the brilliant 1993 film Hocus Pocus (which also stars a pre-Carrie SJP) ????

Rolling Stone is known for its eye-catching covers, such as this Britney one from 1999. At that time Britney was still convincing the world she was a 17 year old virgin… Middle America was outraged by this raunchy jail-bait cover. If only they knew that was a mere taster of what was to come from Miss Spears….

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