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Puppets On A Boat – The London Puppetry Festival

Tonight we had an unusual but pleasurable experience, we went to see a puppet show on a boat. Not Punch and Judy on a row boat but a sophisticated puppet show with amazing visuals and really cleverly executed puppetry on a barge in Little Venice. I’ll admit I don’t have a lot of puppet viewing experience but the six puppeteers of the Movingstage Marionette Company brilliantly handled multiple puppets in, ‘Out of the Heart of Darkness’ show as part of the London Puppetry Festival.

Sitting in the middle of a barge sipping on a tea from the little refreshment cafe as you enter the boat, you really are taken to a whimsical world, the atmosphere enhanced by examples of puppets that adorn the walls, the one on right Mr Chaplin I’m pretty sure:

Although the above puppets did not appear in the production, which told the tale of an explorer who travels to Africa, with traditional music and perfect pitch mood enhancing lighting, making it a brilliant night out, especially when it pops into your head that you’re sitting in a canal while enjoying this – its well worth seeing.
The festival takes place in seven venues over London – not all of them upon water – and runs until 8th November.

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