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Paper Heart: The Review

It’s official, we are in love with Michael Cera! Last night we sat in the cleared out Beyond Retro, munched on free popcorn, sipped wine and left with an increased infatuation over the boy who so innocently manages to turn geeky naivety into something sweet and heartwarming.

The film was Paper Heart and although not out until November 13th, the lovely people at Beyond Retro put on a private screening where a handful of people joined for an evening of romantic awkwardness and sentimental sweetness as Charlyne Yi set about to ask the question ‘what is love?’. Her own disbelief sets her on a quest, travelling America, interviewing a mix of people for her documentary.
Whilst on her travels she meets Michael Cera who quickly becomes her own love interest. Taking the award for geekiest couple, we witness the pair’s growing love for each other as the camera crew follow their every move. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but this film comes highly recommended. Cute characters, sentimental story line, geeky retro fashion and the funniest film I’ve seen in a long time…what more could you want!

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Paper Heart at Beyond Retro

As winter draws in, a little heart warming love story is what we need! So Beyond Retro have stepped up and shall be screening a special preview of Paper Heart, the award-winning Sundance film. Starring Michael Cera (the innocently cute guy from Juno) and we’re expecting a romantic journey with plenty of vintage senitment! Check back for a full review of the film tomorrow….

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