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The Costume Institute Gala 2009 – or was it 1989??

Fashion works in cycles. Designers are frequently ‘inspired’ by the past and take trends of years gone by and work them into their current collection. The old ’20-year rule’ (what was en vogue twenty years ago will be on trend today) seems to be a popular, and in this case, an accurate theory. A glance at the S/S 09 and A/W 09 catwalks told us that there is one major era that designers are channeling – the 80’s!!!

So it was not surprising that at the ‘Oscars of the Fashion World’, the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute Gala, it was hard to tell which decade this Gala was actually taking place in. Many celebs chose to honour host Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Madonna were amongst those wearing his creations. Now let’s just talk about Madonna for a moment….. IS THIS A JOKE??!!

(l-r: Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Madonna)

Not many people can get away with wearing a look exactly as it appears on the catwalk, not even you Madonna and this Louis Vuitton outfit is harder than most to wear. Someone thirty years younger would even have trouble carrying off such an outfit…unless they were a hooker. She brought her young lover Jesus, in their first public date. Is she only seeing him so they can be ‘Madonna and Jesus?’ I think so.

The whispers about Kate single handedly spearheading the turban trend, in a wonderful Stephen Jones creation, proved to be correct and in my opinion she pulls it off.

Here is a small montage of some of the fantabulous gowns on display on the night, although you’d be forgiven for thinking Anna Wintour was throwing a ‘Wedding Singer’ themed extravaganza:

(l-r: Leighton Meester, Anne Hathaway, Claudia Schiffer, Twiggy, Agyness Deyn)

Personally, I have always been a fan of the 80’s, there is many a sequined jumper and shoulder pad in my wardrobe and I do like the way that all these women (except the aforementioned Madge) look, Leighton Meester particularly took a style risk and I think it worked.

The ladies below played it a little safer, Anna always does pull out the stops for her Gala, for a lady with such a strict – some would say uniform – fashion style, it’s nice to see her venture out of the comfort zone, here in a beautiful monochrome Chanel dress.
Posh was actually quite boring compared to the other dresses on display and the fact that she was about 17 shades of orange darker than anyone else there didn’t help her case.

(l-r:Mary-Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour, Ashley Olsen)

(l-r: Karen Olsen, Jack White, Rihanna)

Tuxedo’s were not confined only to men at the Costume Institute Gala but Jack White did bring some rock star chic to events while accompanying model wife Karen Elson. Let’s take a moment to mention Rihanna, who wore the bravest outfit and looked amazing. It’s her first public appearance since her domestic violence issue and she definitely returned to public life with a bang. Rihanna has been on the fashion radar for a while, she has the right attitude to carry off really edgy looks. She makes Beyonce jealous.

So this years Gala did not dissapoint. Risks were taken, some with success, others, not so much but even those who didn’t get it right proved far more entertainment than the usual parade of black dresses that we see at big ceremonies.

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