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Supermarket Sarah Christmas Extravaganza!!!

Mariah Carey is already being blasted out on the radio and last night Coca Cola screened the one-and-only ‘it must be Christmas’ ad, so just in time for some present inspiration Supermarket Sarah is hosting a Supermarket Extravaganza event at the Biscuit Factory in East London. Anyone looking to find some unusual and precious gifts this year are in for a treat!

On December 1st, like little magical elves, MIRROR ERROR will be getting festive and giving Sarah a helping hand with the launch night. Guests will be supplied with baskets and whilst sipping on drinks, will be invited to shop in the converted space for all things weird, wonderful and exceptionally unique! No more Boots vouchers or socks this year please!

We want original pieces of work from young, creative designers or rare vintage items with sentimental value. And just in case you haven’t heard of this fabulous lady before, please read on…

Supermarket Sarah is a far cry from the Tesco’s, Asda’s and Sainsbury’s that we would usually refer to with the term ‘supermarket’. By no means mass-produced and standardised, Sarah’s supermarket is quirky, artistic, inspiring and definitely not filled with manic shop buyers and lonely shelves with ‘BOGOF’ promotions above them. No, think more a talented and curious lady hunting out all kinds of treasures and then displaying them in one convenient place for you.

From vintage dresses and Victorian hats, to money boxes adorned with Her Majesty, the Queen, Supermarket Sarah is a great online shop to find the bizarre and sentimental. By simply hanging the items she collects/ finds stylishly on her wall at home, she creates a giant type of ‘mood board’. A photograph of the complete wall is then uploaded to the site where us lucky shoppers can click onto the individual items and part with our pennies. Sarah has also begun to include designer profiles, including a favourite of mine, Fred Butler where Fred herself has donated some of her colour-crazy and wonderful pieces to sell. Check out her site here and take a peep into the randomly curious and eclectic world that is Supermarket Sarah.

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