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It’s also Liz’s Birthday!!!

Well, not her real one. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her real birthday on 21st April, which we celebrated here.
But this is her official one, traditionally the monarch has a birthday in the Summer months as the weather is better for outdoor tea-parties. Apparently. The celebrations that took place today were actually the ones that I witnessed rehearsals for last week. Happy Birthday!

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Just hanging out with the Queen’s marching band…

While dining al-fresco (eating a sandwich on the grass) by Buckingham Palace, the above took place. Look how many! I estimated about 120 people – in a marching band! That’s co-ordination. Not to mention the duel talent of the guys on horseback whilst carrying a tune and a trombone. The tunes included Eleanor Rigby, the theme tune from Dr. Who and a song from the criminally underrated film ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Gabriel Byrne. It was a very pleasant lunch.

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