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Mykromag is a new online magazine launched and edited by Sonny Groo, aka Abdul Lagerfield. His small team strives to capture inspirational and intriguing material, whether that is fashion, music, film or even cooking! Stylised in a simple black and white palette, the look is clean, minimal and simple with good sized articles that you actually have time to read! Profiles in the first issue include London menswear designer, James Long, Russian Vogue Fashion Director, Simon Robins, and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp student, Toon Geboers. Singapore based artists Dinie Rahman and Ridhwan Sesapar provide the cute illustrations for the magazine.

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100% more nourishing than sleep

Saddened by the news that i-D magazine may be cutting back to just 6 issues a year, I feel it is time to re-store the faith in imaginative, inspiring and valuable printed media.
Granule Magazine is a new low-brow, submission-led literary periodical started up by a group of talented and very philosophical individuals. They proclaim that it is ‘100% more nourishing than sleep’ with a variety of penmanship drawing together short stories, poems, reviews and lists.
With a launch party held recently at the Cello Factory in Waterloo, the minimalist yet quirky pages are proving a hit with the next issue already lined up for release in July. Through a simplistic fusion of art and words they celebrate and applaud absurdity via wit and creativity. Just look at the debut issue, a review of the Bourbon, Coconut Ring and Chocolate Digestive- genius.

Granule is currently stocked at Lik and Neon in Brick Lane, 106 Sclater Street.

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