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Lourdes is in Vogue

A new fashionista has come to my attention – Miss Lourdes Leon. I have compiled an example of a mere 8 of her brilliant outfits from recent times. In the last 12 months, Lourdes has developed a unique style that makes her look far beyond her 12 years. She certainly knows how to work an accessory and is dressing far better than people double her age. The best part is she doesn’t look like she’s trying at all; she has a naturally cool air – just like Madonna in the 1980’s.

Given that mum is Madonna, there may be some help from personal stylists involved, but Madonna has always been so adamant that her kids wouldn’t be spoilt, and live as normal a life as is possible for them – therefore I’d like to think that the styling is all Lourdes’ own work. In actual fact, there is evidence that it is all her own work as Lourdes came into Topshop for an appointment with the Style Advisors and chose everything herself.

Perhaps she inherited the gene from her mother, as Madonna wasn’t bad at creating a unique look for herself back in the day. Now that Madonna tends to favour a tracksuit/English lady look – which let’s face it isn’t very interesting or cutting edge, it’s only fitting that she passes the fashion mantle onto her daughter.

It’s not going to be easy for Lourdes – when you are inevitably going to be compared to Madonna for the rest of your life. Whatever she chooses to do, the world will be watching and it will be important for her to establish her own personality. It doesn’t look like she should be worried though, she’s off to an early start as she’s not even a teenager but is carving a niche for herself and showing personality and flair. She’ll be a very interesting character to watch. Although she has enrolled in an acting school, indicating she would like a career in the movies, I would like to see her become a fashion designer, like Paul’s daughter did.

Also, word on the grapevine is that Lourdes will be making her on-screen debut in Madonna’s new video for her upcoming single ‘Celebration’. Exciting.

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