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What are you up to Karl?

When I first read that Karl Lagerfeld had an involvement with the upcoming ‘Totally Spies’ movie – and then saw this image – I had a horrible moment where I thought he was responsible for the shiny coloured catsuits you see above. But fear not! Although he deems to stand next to such monstosities, he quite obviously had nothing to do with the creation of them.
It turns out he is using one of his myriad of other talents and lending his voice to the bad guy, Fabu in the animated film, which is released in July 2009. Yes the film is animated, which means those lovely outfits above will not be seen on the big screen. Such a shame.

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Happy Birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley!

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Mary-Kate and Ashley,

Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were richer than you can ever dream to be when they were 12. Now they are 23. Here’s a glorious picture of them with living legend Karl. I imagine that is exactly how they will look when they are……….erm, how old is Karl? 73, 103, 33???

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Emma Watson new face of Burberry

Burberry are really embracing their British roots at the moment, not only have they announced Burberry Prorsum will close London Fashion Week in September (they usually show in Milan) but they have unveiled their new advertising campaign, which features none other than budding fashionista, Hermione from Harry Potter! You can’t get more British than that. A boarding school? A posh English accent? It’s all so Enid Blyton. She really does look stunning in the pics.
Emma Watson has been on the front row of everyone from William Tempest to Giles Deacon and Chanel for the past few seasons. It seems her move from child actor to fashion favourite is coming on in leaps and bounds, with not only this Burberry campaign – but she posed for Sir Karl Lagerfeld for a shoot for Crash magazine. Karl doesn’t waste his time photographing just anybody.

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J’adore Chanel Cruise ’09/10!!!

Oh Karl, you’ve done it again. His Cruise Collection is just purely amazing. Inspired by Grande Dame Coco herself, with the show taking place upon a beach in Venice. I mean look at it, the setting, the clothes, the lights….

Check out more pics from the collection here.

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Audrey Tautou for Chanel No.5

Here is the exquisite new advert for Chanel No.5 perfume, starring French actress, Audrey Tautou. She replaces Nicole Kidman as the face of the brand and was seemingly chosen as she is starring as Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in the upcoming movie, ‘Coco Avant Chanel,’ which documents Coco’s life in the years before she hit the big time. It should be fantastic, for the outfits alone, which Karl Lagerfeld supervised the creation of, ensuring the house of Chanel is properly represented on screen.

The advert is directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet, who previously directed Audrey in her breakthrough film, Amélie.

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Amazing Ad

So the new Matthew Williamson for H&M collection is about to hit stores this Thursday and while I’ll be pretty honest that I really don’t care, it did remind me of the good old days of the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration and that EPIC advert. I remember literally hanging off the edge of the sofa the first time I saw it…incredible.
I’m pretty certain that it would be safe to presume that the Matthew Williamson ad will not compare in the slightest.

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