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100% more nourishing than sleep

Saddened by the news that i-D magazine may be cutting back to just 6 issues a year, I feel it is time to re-store the faith in imaginative, inspiring and valuable printed media.
Granule Magazine is a new low-brow, submission-led literary periodical started up by a group of talented and very philosophical individuals. They proclaim that it is ‘100% more nourishing than sleep’ with a variety of penmanship drawing together short stories, poems, reviews and lists.
With a launch party held recently at the Cello Factory in Waterloo, the minimalist yet quirky pages are proving a hit with the next issue already lined up for release in July. Through a simplistic fusion of art and words they celebrate and applaud absurdity via wit and creativity. Just look at the debut issue, a review of the Bourbon, Coconut Ring and Chocolate Digestive- genius.

Granule is currently stocked at Lik and Neon in Brick Lane, 106 Sclater Street.

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