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The Street is My Gallery

MOM and POPism is a new exhibition to land on the roof of online Media Company, Gawker Media, in New York. Initiated by James and Karla Murray who brought us the book, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, the couple set to challenge our opinion of street art in the city. Combining graffiti with photography, impressive life size photographic canvases shot by the couple are curated by renowned New York graffiti artist Bill Kid to display a variety of timeworn store fronts from the various neighbourhoods across New York. These canvasses have then been left to the hands of graffiti artists such as Blanco, Cake, Lady Pink and Zoltron to deface as they like and leave their indelible mark.

Impressively creative, this got me thinking about London’s street art. Stepping out from my flat new posters, flyers and random street art liven the walls of East London with a creativity that is fresh, expressive and ever-changing. Here’s a quick peek at what is currently happening…

Street_Art__London_August_2009 255 (12)

Street_Art_London_August_2009 060

Street_Art__London_August_2009 255 (2)

Street_Art_London_August_2009 142

Street_Art__London_August_2009 255 (1)

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