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London College of Fashion – The 2009 Graduates to Watch

Ok, so it’s a little late but the London College of Fashion did put on a very good show this year that simply couldn’t go unmentioned. As Central Saint Martins upheld their talent for original and inspiring creativity, the London College of Fashion rivaled with technically advanced collections that were highly commercial yet imbedded with enough raw creativity to push boundaries and inspire new trends.
Attention fell heavily on Design & Technology Award winner Hoi Lam Wong’s modern yet colourfully printed collection. Her mix of leather, sequins, bright florals and chunky DM boots drew heavily from men’s tailoring to form a collection of light-hearted 80’s looking young dandies.
Hoi Lam Wong
Laser cutting proved a popular and common feature throughout the 28 collections that went from laser cut leather feathers at Annick Littlewood to delicate geometric patterning at Irene Brandt and Fashion & Textile Award winner, Alicija Aputyte. Aputyte’s Antonio Gaudi inspired pieces clearly expressed a sense of architecture with small ‘windows’ laser-cut to reveal a ‘sunshine’ layer of fabric underneath along with a unique technique of bounded neoprene and ribbon weave.

Alicija Aputyte

Menswear was limited with only three collections yet Aser Juel Larson stood out with his vision of dark urban knights. A chainmail-hooded sweater became the focal point to his collection along with quirky eyewear that provided a scientific touch to his futuristic interpretation of medieval warfare.

Asger Juel Larsen

Styling in general stood out across all the collections with leather headscarves at Anna Legay, great suede ruffle shoes at Stephanie Turner and Aleksandra Domanevskaya’s highly impractical but cool looking cut-off-toe plimsols.

Anna Legay

Stephanie Turner

Bahar Alipour however stole the show with his finale collection of Sardinian-inspired ladies styled impeccably with head scarves, hats and fur gloves. A vision of nostalgic forties glamour moved forward with a space-age uniform sophistication rounded off the show nicely.

Bahar Alipour

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Graduate Fashion Week 2009: Ravensbourne

With last years Graduate Fashion Week overall winner of the Gold Award, Jessica Au, coming from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, there was high hopes for this show and I don’t think they disappointed, I was very impressed. The standard was high and the judges thought so too, with Mehmet Ali being awarded the Menswear Award for an extremely wearable and sophisticated collection. It’s rare to look at a menswear collection and actually want your boyfriend to wear it – but this one you do. Calum Harvey won the Textiles Award for his work, his fabulous oversized knits going down a treat.

Mehmet Ali:

Calum Harvey:

Amanda Ng‘s models suffered from abandoned shoes, it happened a few times throughout the show, they were helpfully removed by audience members but whether they were concerned about the models tripping over them or grabbing a sneaky pair for themselves was not clear…

Here is a little selection of the collections from the Ravensbourne students:

Kate Williams:

Yasmin Siddiqui:

Amanda Scott:

Laura Yiannakou:

Rebecca Cluett:

Hannah Taylor:

Marie Molterer:

All very enjoyable and professional collections, a majority of these graduates could have easily held their own in London Fashion Week, in fact I’m pretty sure we will be seeing these names there soon.

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