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Emma Watson new face of Burberry

Burberry are really embracing their British roots at the moment, not only have they announced Burberry Prorsum will close London Fashion Week in September (they usually show in Milan) but they have unveiled their new advertising campaign, which features none other than budding fashionista, Hermione from Harry Potter! You can’t get more British than that. A boarding school? A posh English accent? It’s all so Enid Blyton. She really does look stunning in the pics.
Emma Watson has been on the front row of everyone from William Tempest to Giles Deacon and Chanel for the past few seasons. It seems her move from child actor to fashion favourite is coming on in leaps and bounds, with not only this Burberry campaign – but she posed for Sir Karl Lagerfeld for a shoot for Crash magazine. Karl doesn’t waste his time photographing just anybody.

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You don’t look a day over 75….

Stalwart department store Selfridges is 100 years old. The British icon was actually founded in 1909 by an American, Gordon Selfridge. To celebrate its centenary, Selfridges has collaborated with a number of its designers and brands to create special products, including limited edition yellow and black colour-way trainers by Converse and stillettos by Christian Louboutin.

My favourite thing is the
Giles dress, pictured. However, it will set you back £500 and is only made to order. So I’m guessing they’re not going to make it for just anyone. I’ll be intrigued to see who we will see wearing it.

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