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Sexy Times

On the phone to my mum the other day, she made me aware of a new erotic magazine for women (don’t ask!) that has just launched in the UK. I have never been a big fan of porn mags. I tend to find them too meaty, degrading and graphic and most of the time, the images do not turn me on in the slightest. Women’s erotic magazines always seem to appeal to a very small group of women and a very big group of gay men. Nevertheless, this publication sounded a bit different so I went ahead and researched it.

The newly launched Filament magazine is indeed an erotic publication for women with a difference. It claims to ‘choose [their] images of men by using research about what women think is hot.

By doing extensive online research, the creators of Filament found out that the type of man that is attractive to women is, most of the time, as far away from the images of ripped torsos and oiled-up buttocks as possible. Try instead pretty, skinny boys with more feminine features. Within the magazine the images are both explicit and non, with no full-frontal nudity in this first issue – but apparently that’s coming soon – and all of the models photographed amongst their personal possessions and environments to stimulate further the refined female mind. The women that appreciate a less macho kind of man, me included, are finally able to take their eye-candy on the go and can stop stalking the myspace pages of young rockers and intellectuals.

The launch of Filament appeared as news in the Daily Mail under the title ‘A new erotic magazine for women believes images like these are a turn on. Hardly!’, well, guess what? They are. And the fact that the average Mail reader is outraged by the idea that a large section of the female population would happily swap Brad Pitt for Edward Norton any day, makes me want to sign up for a life-time subscription.

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