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Movie of the Week: Sunset Boulevard

As a member of LOVEFiLM, my movie intake in recent times has been quite high. And although I have seen films that I thought brilliant, such as The Piano and La Vie en Rose, it takes a lot for me to be completely blown away by a movie – but that happened last night while watching Sunset Boulevard:

Even though it has long been touted as a classic, there are many ‘classic’ films that I do not care for, yes I mean you ‘The Godfather Trilogy’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’….

Made in 1950 and written and directed by the superb Billy Wilder it stars lesser known Hollywood talent, Gloria Swanson and William Holden and it tells the story of a 1920’s screen star (Swanson) who is trying to make a return (not comeback…) to acting in the harsh landscape of 1950’s Hollywood.

The casting is brilliant as Gloria Swanson actually was a huge 1920’s silent movie star who fell to obscurity following the introduction of the ‘talkie’ movies. So her role has a biographical tinge. The plot is damning of the Hollywood industry and was the first of it’s time to show the darker side of the industry. There are cameo’s by famed director Cecil B. DeMille and silent movie star Buster Keaton, there are fantastic costumes by the legendary Edith Head…it just has everything.

It claims it’s place officially in Top 5 territory.

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