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A Keeper

A bit of a trend that I’m sure is only going to excel further when this collection lands in stores on December 7th is Trompe L’Oeil. The ‘trick-of-the-eye’ style of prints have been popping up here there and everywhere but these new designs from London College of Fashion undergraduate, Rosalind Keep, look fresh, modern and graphically stylish. The range will land in Oasis stores as part of their Designer Collaboration series.

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Bape x The Beatles

Amazing! Bape has created a Beatles inspired capsule collection. Show me someone who doesn’t want that Sgt. Pepper t-shirt and I will show you a liar.

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Christina Ricci in Alexander McQueen

I always enjoy it when someone new pops upon the fashion radar, not usually known for her sartorial choices, times are-a-changing for Christina Ricci with this fabulous outfit. Although, you have to be pretty stupid to look bad wearing Alexander McQueen….. it has been done, though, yes I mean you Cheryl Cole, making his sheer-fronted dress you wore to your birthday, look like something from Lipsy…
Anyway, back to Christina, this dress, which she wore to The National Arts Club’s Medal of Honor for Film Dinner in New York, is from McQueen’s resort 2010 collection.

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Ok, I shall sound a little obsessed now, but whilst flicking through the Book Club’s website I was intrigued to check out the designers of the site who have kept it simple with a layout using the trusty ‘type writer’ font (can it ever not look good?) and lots of dotted lines. Following the link I am taken to Telegramme, where a sea of quirky, cute illustrations and patterns remind me that I’ve actually seen a lot of their work before. Their client list is pretty impressive. They count Habitat, Arctic Monkeys, Nokia, MTV, The Legion, Something from Nothing, The Observer, Queen of Hoxton, The Financial Times and many others as very happy customers!

The two boys behind Telegramme are friends, Christopher and Robert. Beginning their partnership whilst one was in Cornwall and the other in Bristol, the pair now operate from a studio in Dalston offering interactive, illustration and editorial design as well as a bespoke screen printing service. Self-confessed computer geeks who obsess over music, drink too much tea, are ½ dyslexic and collect stamps (all their own words), these boys sounds as adorably cute as their online photograph displaying them in matching name jumpers….

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Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition

On at the moment until 10th January 2010, at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, is the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition. It was won by British photographer Martin Pugh, with this spectacular image:

Well worth popping down though to see that and other phantasmagorical images such as these:

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Supermarket Sarah Christmas Extravaganza!!!

Mariah Carey is already being blasted out on the radio and last night Coca Cola screened the one-and-only ‘it must be Christmas’ ad, so just in time for some present inspiration Supermarket Sarah is hosting a Supermarket Extravaganza event at the Biscuit Factory in East London. Anyone looking to find some unusual and precious gifts this year are in for a treat!

On December 1st, like little magical elves, MIRROR ERROR will be getting festive and giving Sarah a helping hand with the launch night. Guests will be supplied with baskets and whilst sipping on drinks, will be invited to shop in the converted space for all things weird, wonderful and exceptionally unique! No more Boots vouchers or socks this year please!

We want original pieces of work from young, creative designers or rare vintage items with sentimental value. And just in case you haven’t heard of this fabulous lady before, please read on…

Supermarket Sarah is a far cry from the Tesco’s, Asda’s and Sainsbury’s that we would usually refer to with the term ‘supermarket’. By no means mass-produced and standardised, Sarah’s supermarket is quirky, artistic, inspiring and definitely not filled with manic shop buyers and lonely shelves with ‘BOGOF’ promotions above them. No, think more a talented and curious lady hunting out all kinds of treasures and then displaying them in one convenient place for you.

From vintage dresses and Victorian hats, to money boxes adorned with Her Majesty, the Queen, Supermarket Sarah is a great online shop to find the bizarre and sentimental. By simply hanging the items she collects/ finds stylishly on her wall at home, she creates a giant type of ‘mood board’. A photograph of the complete wall is then uploaded to the site where us lucky shoppers can click onto the individual items and part with our pennies. Sarah has also begun to include designer profiles, including a favourite of mine, Fred Butler where Fred herself has donated some of her colour-crazy and wonderful pieces to sell. Check out her site here and take a peep into the randomly curious and eclectic world that is Supermarket Sarah.

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Run baby run…

By no means a new fashion film – but certainly one of the most memorable.

Alex Turvey is a fabulously talented young film-maker and illustrator, and this is a fashion film commissioned by Dazed & Confused and shown as part of onedotzero and Dazed’s Fashion in Film program at the BFI. An eye-poppin’ visual feast that reminds me of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box video…Now that’s a refreshing blast from the past!

And eagle-eyed blog viewers will have spotted Charlie Le Mindu’s hair lips dyed blonde and worn backwards in Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance video.

Altogether now! “Walk, walk fashion baby, move it work that bitch k-razee…”

Dazed Fashion in Film – Frankenfashion from Alex Turvey on Vimeo.

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Ashley Jordan Gordan @ The Book Club

Last friday we popped down to the aforementioned Ashley Jordan Gordan photography exhibition at The Book Club. Here are the visual highlights of the night:

Although nothing to do with the exhibition, in the adjoining room, this amazing live music display took place:

The book club living up to its name in the cosy underground, log-cabinesque back room, with Ashley Jordan Gordan’s pics upon the wooden walls:

Late into the night some deeeeee-jays came on to spin some tunes, including this amazing silver-haired fox:

All in all, a tremendous night.

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Frog Shoes

I thought I would share these with you. My friend rocked up wearing them and they’re truly special. Frog shoes. They were made by Edward Green for JW Anderson A/W 09 but never went into production. Making them even more special.

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