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Music video director extraordinaire Ray Kay (not his real name. Fact. He is Norwegian. Also a fact) has directed some of the biggest promos around – the amazing Pokerface for Lady Gaga and some Beyonce song I’ve never heard of…..aaaaaaanyway, he’s got around 100 music videos to his name but it seems he’s running out of ideas as this year he has directed this video by American singer Amerie:
And we couldn’t help notice the striking similarities between this and the much hyped new video to launch The Nation’s Sweetheart Cheryl Cole’s solo career. Both videos consist of prancing around in front of a blue screen displaying a graffiti wall, with the name of the respective song – which was never the most inspired narrative for a music video at the best of times – let alone a few months apart by the same director! Shoddy. This is obviously where i would have embedded said Cheryl Cole video but the ’embed option’ is not available so watch it here to make your comparisons.

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