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My Trip To Dublin

Here’s a visual feast of the lesser seen sights in Dublin’s fair city, starting with my Gran’s fantastic trinkets. First up, her collection of bells and rug/plant combo in front of the fireplace:

I’ve never seen sooooooo many amazing knitting patterns, my Gran is kindly rustling me up an 80’s jumper at this very moment, probs not the one in the pic though:

What’s an evening with relatives if it doesn’t involve a game of Scrabble?

EVERYONE who goes to Dublin takes a picture of this shop:

I don’t know if I would use a pic of someone that looks suspiciously like Jacko (R.I.P) to advertise my beauty salon…

The schizophrenic weather conditions, that it has to be said, did lean heavily towards precipitation:

It’s true, the post-boxes are green. Imagine that. Fun times all round.

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