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I see what you’re trying to do….

Despite the recent backlash, I still very much enjoy Lady Gaga. However, I’m not sure about this Rolling Stone magazine cover:

Lady Gaga is only in her twenties but looks way, way, way older in this shot and is it just me or does she bare a striking resemblance to Bette Midler in the brilliant 1993 film Hocus Pocus (which also stars a pre-Carrie SJP) ????

Rolling Stone is known for its eye-catching covers, such as this Britney one from 1999. At that time Britney was still convincing the world she was a 17 year old virgin… Middle America was outraged by this raunchy jail-bait cover. If only they knew that was a mere taster of what was to come from Miss Spears….

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Movie of the Week: Sunset Boulevard

As a member of LOVEFiLM, my movie intake in recent times has been quite high. And although I have seen films that I thought brilliant, such as The Piano and La Vie en Rose, it takes a lot for me to be completely blown away by a movie – but that happened last night while watching Sunset Boulevard:

Even though it has long been touted as a classic, there are many ‘classic’ films that I do not care for, yes I mean you ‘The Godfather Trilogy’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’….

Made in 1950 and written and directed by the superb Billy Wilder it stars lesser known Hollywood talent, Gloria Swanson and William Holden and it tells the story of a 1920’s screen star (Swanson) who is trying to make a return (not comeback…) to acting in the harsh landscape of 1950’s Hollywood.

The casting is brilliant as Gloria Swanson actually was a huge 1920’s silent movie star who fell to obscurity following the introduction of the ‘talkie’ movies. So her role has a biographical tinge. The plot is damning of the Hollywood industry and was the first of it’s time to show the darker side of the industry. There are cameo’s by famed director Cecil B. DeMille and silent movie star Buster Keaton, there are fantastic costumes by the legendary Edith Head…it just has everything.

It claims it’s place officially in Top 5 territory.

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Tune in to Radio Diesel

Broadcasting from the cool scene that is Dalston, Diesel are providing some good tuneage via their very own radio station. To celebrate, Diesel has once again challenged the boundaries of VM and replaced its Carnaby Street storefront with a pretty impressive large-scale wooden radio-face replica. The launch also coincides with this years U:Music hunt where Diesel look for the two best bands to take on tour across 10 cities. The winning artists will begin their journey in July, stopping off at Berlin, Paris, Madrid, London, Tokyo and New York.
The radio will be streamed live from dieselradio.com for five more weeks before returning in September.

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Endless Joy

Who doesn’t enjoy an Awkward Family Photo?

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J’adore Chanel Cruise ’09/10!!!

Oh Karl, you’ve done it again. His Cruise Collection is just purely amazing. Inspired by Grande Dame Coco herself, with the show taking place upon a beach in Venice. I mean look at it, the setting, the clothes, the lights….

Check out more pics from the collection here.

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Mykromag is a new online magazine launched and edited by Sonny Groo, aka Abdul Lagerfield. His small team strives to capture inspirational and intriguing material, whether that is fashion, music, film or even cooking! Stylised in a simple black and white palette, the look is clean, minimal and simple with good sized articles that you actually have time to read! Profiles in the first issue include London menswear designer, James Long, Russian Vogue Fashion Director, Simon Robins, and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp student, Toon Geboers. Singapore based artists Dinie Rahman and Ridhwan Sesapar provide the cute illustrations for the magazine.

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If Stewie From Family Guy Was Grown Up….and Real

The other night, while watching the film Blow-Up, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, I was struck by the physical resemblance between the lead character, played by David Hemmings, known in the film only as ‘The Photographer’ and Stewie Griffin.

If Stewie was a grown up, I think he could carve out a nice career for himself as a fashion photographer, perhaps he wouldn’t be so interested in the ladies but the pretty clothes would surely catch his eye. It’s the facial resemblance I mean though, he’s the spitting image! And it made me enjoy the film even more, thinking that it was actually Stewie living life in swinging sixties London town.

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Markus Lupfer for Topshop

Here’s a glimpse of the new offerings from German designer Markus Lupfer, as part of his collaboration with Topshop. His distinctive ‘sequined motif upon a jumper’ designs have proved a huge hit with the Topshop shoppers. This is his 8th season with the high-street brand, my personal favourite this time round would be the parrot. As this is the high summer collection, the jumpers are made from a light cashmere, to allow wear during the warm months.

These jumpers are £85 each and will be available instore from 15th July 2009. Another interesting fact (well, for me) about Markus Lupfer, he and I are alumni (different years) from the same university, that would be Westminster.

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100% more nourishing than sleep

Saddened by the news that i-D magazine may be cutting back to just 6 issues a year, I feel it is time to re-store the faith in imaginative, inspiring and valuable printed media.
Granule Magazine is a new low-brow, submission-led literary periodical started up by a group of talented and very philosophical individuals. They proclaim that it is ‘100% more nourishing than sleep’ with a variety of penmanship drawing together short stories, poems, reviews and lists.
With a launch party held recently at the Cello Factory in Waterloo, the minimalist yet quirky pages are proving a hit with the next issue already lined up for release in July. Through a simplistic fusion of art and words they celebrate and applaud absurdity via wit and creativity. Just look at the debut issue, a review of the Bourbon, Coconut Ring and Chocolate Digestive- genius.

Granule is currently stocked at Lik and Neon in Brick Lane, 106 Sclater Street.

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It’s a Sad Day

As we all deal with the shocking news that Peter Andre and Jordan aka Katie Price are no longer the nations ‘premiere celebrity couple’ we can console ourselves with this video of happier times. That and the fact that you know this split is going to spawn a million epsodes of their reality TV series, in a his side/her side kinda thing I would imagine. Katie and Peter: The Divorce Courts.

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