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Anna Wintour and Kate Moss…

…have a lot in common. Apart from the obvious fashion icon staus, the most enviable wardrobes on earth, a billlion fabulous gay friends and sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses. The other thing they share is their shunning of the interview spotlight. Neither lady is quick to sit on Oprah’s sofa and discuss their life, they prefer to play the elusive reclusive card, and it seems to have served them well as they have both been at the top of their game for eons. It also makes watching clips of them talking more special as you know there’s not many of them in existence by today’s celebrity standards. If we’ve learnt a fashion lesson here, then it’s less is more – but only in some circumstances, obviously there are other times when an obscene amount of necklaces is exactly what’s needed to complete a look.

Here’s Anna talking to legendary American interviewer Barbara Walters:

And here’s Kate talking in between modeling her first Topshop collection:

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