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Childhood Nightmares

Continuing from our childhood reminiscences, Mari Kasurinen has forged a career out of something we spent hours attempting in our youth – mutilating and sticking things onto My Little Ponies. She obviously beats us hands-down. Take a look at these Little Ponies:

Prancing along the top row, we have the key characters from cult cartoon He-Man, Skeletor and the Man they call HE. Trotting in at the bottom, we have two of films most misunderstood characters – Edward Scissorhands (who appears to have cut off his own legs) and The Joker. You can have these deranged little ponies for only £330…start saving. Or just head down to your Britain’s greatest toy store a.k.a Toys’R’Us, buy a Pony for a mere £4.99 and get the felt-tips out.

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