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Where The Wild Things Are

We seem to be on an unintentional childhood kick with recent posts, so why stop now:

EVERYONE read this book when they were little and now it’s been imagined for the screen by Spike Jonze. The danger with taking such a classic book and making it a film is that it won’t live up to expectations – but judging by this trailer, we have nothing to worry about.
Using such a creative and daring director like Spike Jonze to bring the Wild Things to life was a good call, his past work as a music video director saw him create brilliant things for Bjork, The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk and his film Being John Malkovich showcases his sideways take on life. Perfect for bringing a childrens book to the screen.
And if you needed anymore confirmation that this film will be good – Karen O (lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) provides the music.

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Barbie @ Dover Street Market

The celebration of Barbie’s 50 years on the planet shows no sign of stopping, so far events held in birthday honour include having her own show during New York Fashion Week – with 50 outfits created by 50 designers including Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson and Diane von Furstenberg, a whole store dedicated to her in Shanghai and an installation in Colette, Paris.

The latest Barbie-style extravaganza is taking place in our very London town. In Dover Street Market to be precise.
Barbie is getting her very own pop-up store style space in the shop, and it is curated by none other than Henry Holland. Not only that – Gareth Pugh puts his recently showcased menswear skills to good use as he has dressed 50 Ken (Barbie’s sadly genital – less boyfriend) dolls and Roksanda Ilincic and Danielle Scutt have created 50 dresses for Barbie herself.

The centre piece will be a huge bigger than human size (possibly, hopefully) Barbie. This I want to see. If you do too then get down to DSM from 8th April but be quick as it’s only there for two weeks.

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Fashion is DANGER

See. Dreams really do come true.

Posing sitting down. NOW.

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Why don’t we have ads like this?

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Childhood Nightmares

Continuing from our childhood reminiscences, Mari Kasurinen has forged a career out of something we spent hours attempting in our youth – mutilating and sticking things onto My Little Ponies. She obviously beats us hands-down. Take a look at these Little Ponies:

Prancing along the top row, we have the key characters from cult cartoon He-Man, Skeletor and the Man they call HE. Trotting in at the bottom, we have two of films most misunderstood characters – Edward Scissorhands (who appears to have cut off his own legs) and The Joker. You can have these deranged little ponies for only £330…start saving. Or just head down to your Britain’s greatest toy store a.k.a Toys’R’Us, buy a Pony for a mere £4.99 and get the felt-tips out.

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Style Lovage

Anyone who was cool as a kid – LIKE ME, would tune in at 6 pm on Channel 4 for the weekly instalment of BLOSSOM. And her hot brother Joey. Not to mention her best friend Six. Thus creating the desire for a number name. I wanted Four. Jenny would take Nine. The wonder of Blossom didn’t just stop there – Oh no! It was the catalyst for my wardrobe choices, my career choices – just all choices in general.

Clearly Henry Holland felt the same.

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London Fashion Week A/W 09

London Fashion Week A/W 09 was muchos fun, with the homegrown designers doing Britain proud and the complimentary wine in the press lounge going down a treat. Here’s a round-up in 8 easy pictures…
The Ashish show was definitely a highlight, taking place in the London Hippodrome, it was presented as a circus show and was tremendously entertaining, before the collection acrobats kept the fashion lovers entertained:
Then the vibrant, clown inspired (probably) styled collection was shown to the sounds of VV Brown, who played live:
The supermodels were out in force for the Qasimi show. Who? Why? were the questions running through most people’s minds. It turns out one of the Qasimi design duo is some sort of exotic Prince, hence, a lot of money, hence the presence of supermodels including Erin O’Connor, Lily Cole, Jasmine Guinness and Yasmine Le Bon. With husband Simon there to cheer her on from the front row:
Best Accessory of the Week – the giant hair bows at the Avsh Alom Gur show:
Best Celebrity Spot of the Week – Chris Eubank at the Jaeger show…yes really, that one,the excentric boxer…suggestions below as to what he was actually doing there (clearly not engrossed in the show judged by the pic I snapped) as I have no idea…
The longest catwalk – possibly ever seen – came courtesy of PPQ. They showed in the Burlington Arcade and the gloss was quickly taken off having a coveted front row ticket as it became clear there was only one VERY long row of seats. Still, front row is front row, irregardless of how many rows there actually are…
And here is a typical example of the glamour that is waiting for a show to begin. That’s me, fourth blonde up on the left, completely trapped in the PPQ scrum:
A good fashion day is rounded off with a party, essentially the most fun part of fashion week, PPQ had The Noisettes playing live at theirs, and lead singer Shingai Shoniwa was wearing a particularly fantastic yellow playsuit:
So that was my fashion week in a nutshell and I enjoyed every second. Roll on September!

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You don’t look a day over 75….

Stalwart department store Selfridges is 100 years old. The British icon was actually founded in 1909 by an American, Gordon Selfridge. To celebrate its centenary, Selfridges has collaborated with a number of its designers and brands to create special products, including limited edition yellow and black colour-way trainers by Converse and stillettos by Christian Louboutin.

My favourite thing is the
Giles dress, pictured. However, it will set you back £500 and is only made to order. So I’m guessing they’re not going to make it for just anyone. I’ll be intrigued to see who we will see wearing it.

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Babylon Zoo…remember them?

I don’t know what this says about me but this was the first single I ever bought:

Most probably due to the power of advertising on my young, impressionable mind as it was used in that jeans ad – but I like to think I was drawn to the fantastic intergalactic styling of the video and let’s not forget the lead singer is in fact a (hot?…not sure) guy with long hair.

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Steven Meisel is TOTALLY Devine




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